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UPMC Latrobe Cardiology Office Space

UPMC Latrobe Cardiology Office Space

Massaro is committed to working with the best subcontractors and being the best GC that our subs work for. The following is part of an ongoing series where we get to know the Massaro subcontractors.

Massaro recently completed the UPMC Latrobe Cardiovascular Institute  project with Marsula Electric. Marsula scored an overall 98% on this project on our subcontractor report card score. Subcontractor Relationship Manager George Germany met with Mark Marsula to learn more about the company.

GG: What does Marsula Electric do?
MM: We are a union electrical contractor who specializes in high voltage electrical construction. We also perform teledata, and security CCTV installation as well.

GG: What is your professional background?
MM: We are a second generation family business that was started in the late 50’s by James W. Marsula. I purchased the business in 1999 and have been running it ever since. I was an IBEW local 5 apprentice and electrician before taking over the business.

GG: What makes Marsula unique?
We care. We are always trying to find a more efficient way to do work. We pride ourselves on finding better ways to address our customers needs. We really care about repeat business, and to get repeat business we must give the client an enjoyable experience.

We also embrace technology and are always training our staff on the latest technologies by offering workshops and training sessions.


Subcontractor Relations Manager George Germany Interview by George Germany, Manager, Subcontractor Relations

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