Renovating a Home for The Invisible Girl


The Invisible Girl Day of Service was much more than just a community outreach day provided by Massaro.

The Invisible Girl is a project that brings a handful of companies and countless individuals together to serve a girl who has been doing a lifetime of serving of her own.  Jenna Woods wakes up every day and battles Mitochondrial Disease, yet she doesn’t look at it as an inability but rather an opportunity to share her story and fight to help those who are affected or will become affected by this terrible disease.

The project started when Jenna’s mom reached out to Forbes Road Career and Technology Center.  Jenna’s home was not suited for someone with Mitochondrial Disease, and Jenna needed a space of her own, a space where she could be herself.  The principal at Forbes Road, David Barr, knew he wanted to help Jenna by building an addition onto her home, but he knew it would take a community, not just a man.  David reached out to Massaro, Lowe’s, The Carpenters Union and many other entities to bring the dream of a space of her own a reality.

Massaro’s Day of Service was made possible by the hard work of many dedicated folks.  Walls were built, the roof was placed, MEPs were installed, and drywall hung.  The scope of our work included painting the walls and ceiling in the living space and prepping the bathroom suite for ceramic tile.  Dan Kiefer and I spent the day painting Jenna’s walls and ceiling with her favorite color; while Mike Rossmiller spent a priceless amount of effort prepping the bathroom for ceramic tile while meeting the strict ADA code requirements.  Sure, we were there to work, but more so we were there for Jenna; as it may have just been paint and prep work but the day was part of the final touches on the space.

As I’ve heard numerous times from Jenna and her mother Toni, “the room is more than just boards and walls” it’s a symbol of Jenna’s courage and strength to continue fighting for herself and others with this disease.  The room gives Jenna a voice, a purpose, a sense of belonging; things that she did not have prior to Forbes Road opening the door for this room.  Jenna is an avid writer, and the experiences she’s had since the room has started will culminate in a book which I encourage you all to read.

Click Here to view Pittsburgh Tribune Review Video to learn more about Jenna Woods.

clements_mikeMichael Clements, Project Engineer


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