Massaro Celebrates 50 Years

Massaro Corporation proudly shares its 50 year anniversary with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Big Mac, all three having been established in Pittsburgh in 1967.

At the time, the Big Mac sold for .45 cents, the Penguins made a home at the Civic Arena, and Joseph A. Massaro Jr. took a chance and began Massaro Corporation.

Joe Jr. was the son of a stonemason, and construction was in his blood. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, and working in the industry for a few years, he managed to save $4,000, but he needed more. A $5,000 loan from his parents finalized the deal and Massaro Corporation was born. In the company’s first year, it completed five projects totaling $251,000.

Massaro has experienced decades of successful construction projects serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia with primary markets in healthcare, higher-ed, multi-housing units, and the non-profit sector. As with any company, we’ve also experienced some very low periods, most notably in the late 80s.  At that time, the company’s future was in question, but Joe Massaro’s tenacity, along with the support of his family, subcontractors and customers, enabled Massaro to make an unprecedented come back.

Today, with his sons at the helm, Joe III, David and Steven Massaro, the company continues to flourish on the foundation built by their father. It’s the focus on the core values – People, Teamwork, Integrity, Service, and Perseverance that enables Massaro to continue to serve our customers at a high level. Joe Jr. understood that “People” are any company’s most valuable asset. When asked how he became successful, he said,

“If you’re going to grow and be successful, a recognized force in the field, you need good people. They are, without a doubt, my very best asset. If you have good people, you will get the business, and if you have good people, you will be successful.”

The second generation at Massaro is focused on building their father’s legacy by first focusing on its people, listening to customers, and executing on its strategic plan to sustain the company. Massaro’s current portfolio includes multi-unit housing, healthcare, higher education and nonprofit projects.

For the past 50 years, Massaro has contributed to major construction projects in the tri-state region and beyond. There have been significant milestones markers along the way such as the successful completion of the Grant Street Transportation Center at the threshold of the Strip District; three hotels on Pittsburgh’s North Shore; IUP’s  student housing, the largest  student housing replacement project in the country; the national award winning Fred Rodgers Center at St. Vincent College; and the COAA National Gold Award winning Health and Human Development buildings at Penn State University.

Massaro’s recent notable achievement was receiving the 2016 Keystone Alliance for Performance Excellence (KAPE) award of Excellence.  This is only the second time in the eleven-year history of KAPE that an applicant has earned its top-tier award level.  Also in 2016, Steven Massaro was named a Pittsburgh Smart 50 award winner in the category of innovation for the new measurement system in an industry process known as the constructability review.

The past 50 years have been a generational journey, and we look forward to 50 more by following this simple mantra quoted by Joe Jr.,

“Get up, pack your lunch, and go to work.”

Article by Jean Markewinsi, Director of Marketing

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