Women on the Rise at Massaro

Women of Massaro visit One on Center Apartments Jobsite.

Last Monday, the office staff women of Massaro were invited to visit the One on Center project, a large-scale parking, residential, and retail construction project in Oakland. For women who normally spend the day behind a desk and only get details of a project’s development second-hand, this field trip offered a unique perspective into the everyday workings of a major high-rise construction site, plus some incredible views.

Our day began with a synopsis of the project by Jim Kephart and Mike Clements, which included a detailed explanation about how the building’s two stabilization towers were being constructed. We watched the past year’s progress via the time-lapse webcam feed and saw for ourselves how much coordination and teamwork was involved. Still, we weren’t there to sit on our butts. The real fun began when our boots hit the ground — wet and muddy from the onslaught of rain over the previous weekend. And while the rain may have curtailed the concrete work for the day, it certainly didn’t stop us from seeing all there was to see.

It’s one thing to hear about “slab on grade,” and “structural steel erection,” but it’s another thing to actually walk a construction site — to be able to see first-hand the different stages of a project, to view the gigantic crane, to put ourselves in the shoes of the construction workers. What an incredible opportunity. Our excitement mounted with each ladder and level we climbed — up and up — and up and up some more — until we reached the 15th level of the stabilization tower — the highest point of the project. After catching our breaths (15 flights is a very good workout, by the way), we cautiously climbed out to the platform surrounding the tower, where we took in the sites of Oakland and beyond from a bird’s eye view. It was easy to imagine how spectacular this project will be upon its completion in July 2018!

Many thanks to Jim and Mike for an exciting and informative trip to the top!


Article by Ann Marie Kiszka, Office Manager


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  • Chris Salton
    July 7, 2017 at 7:03 pm #

    I loved getting to go to job sites.

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