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Massaro Welcomes Jeff Ivanco

Massaro proudly welcomes Jeff Ivanco to Massaro Corporation. With more than 30 years of experience, Jeff is a huge asset as BIM Manager for existing and future projects. Jeff has always been interested in how a building comes together, which naturally guided his successful path to Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a digital and virtual representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building. This technology is an essential process that increases collaboration and eliminates waste throughout the design and construction phases. It assists with the constructability, scheduling, estimating and sequencing as well as reducing change orders keeping the project on or under budget and delivered on time.

Jeff’s career started with receiving his education in architectural engineering at Pittsburgh Technical College where he later taught architectural drafting. He previously worked on the architectural side for a well-known Pittsburgh AEC firm.  Jeff helped to introduce BIM and fully integrate it within the firm.  Jeff began training others on the technology and the importance of its power in the construction business.

Going from the architectural side of BIM to the construction side, Jeff believes in starting off each week with a fresh start approach. He has a checklist for each project he is currently working on that helps to explain the importance of each model he is building in order to help construct the building efficiently and with outstanding quality.

When Jeff isn’t in the office, he is working on home improvement projects and being a proud father. Though he wanted to be an auto mechanic as a child, he found a perfect balance of working in the architectural and construction industry and raising his three children. He describes himself as meticulous, detail oriented, energetic and self-motivated. Thank you for bringing your experience, personality and skills to Massaro Corporation.



Article by Mandy Ormsby, Marketing Coordinator

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