Creating Loyal Customers

We are nothing without our customers. Our customers put their faith in us to deliver cost-effective, functional, and beautifully crafted space that will serve their needs for years to come. We are committed to ensuring that this level of trust is never neglected, and that our customers’ voices are heard and needs are met and surpassed throughout construction.

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Steven Massaro, President of Massaro Corporation

As a customer, wouldn’t it be nice if you could go straight to the person in charge anytime you had a question or concern? At Massaro, senior leadership is always available. Our project executives and Massaro Corporation’s president, Steven Massaro encourage customers to contact them anytime.

The key to success is integrating the team from initial customer engagement through the entire project process. This starts with continuous dialogue between the project executive and our customer.  Shortly after your project’s groundbreaking, Steven and or the project executive will schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss the most current construction timeline, budget, and project milestones. We will also describe what we believe are opportunities for improvement for the project. Finally we want to hear how we can exceed your expectations and how we can communicate better with you. We will schedule similar periodic meetings until your project is complete. Success can only be achieved by knowing our customer and meeting their needs!

To learn more about how we create loyal customers, please contact Steven Massaro, Massaro Corporation President, at 412.963.2800 or