Institute for Scientific Research

Massaro was selected to provide Design/Build services for the construction of this new 270,000 square foot steel framed scientific research facility at I-79 Technology Park. With multiple floors, this structure is designed to encourage research over a variety of scientific and aerospace areas, as well as provide for interactive and collaborative efforts to be conducted onsite. The center includes raised floors, fiber-optic and audio-visual networks, areas for small-scale manufacturing, and SCIFs (special compartmentalized information facilities) where classified work can be conducted.

This high-tech facility includes 22,000 square feet of secure research laboratory space located in the underground portion of the building. Designs include complete security coverage for the facility and its grounds as well as a self-contained flight simulator area. The educational area included classrooms, meeting rooms and an auditorium capable of seating 205 people. Another impressive component of the new facility is the observation tower that reaches 120 feet into the air, and is accessible to the public. Additional features include food service area, dining areas, a 12,000 square foot exhibition space for fundraisers, presentations, and other various functions, a fitness center, library, credit union, office space, and swimming pool. The facility also features underground parking to accommodate 600 vehicles and was completed May 2004.

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