The Midwife Center Expansion

The 6,700 sf addition to the existing 100 year-old-plus masonry building makes The Midwife Center the largest free standing birth center in the nation. Massaro is so proud to have successfully completed the three story addition which includes three exam rooms, two birthing suites, offices, a classroom, and much needed elevators.

The project is be submitted for LEED certification. One of the green elements to the design is the incorporation of permeable pavers which completely eliminate run-off into sewers.

Special attention and precision had to be executed when syncing up the three elevations due to the original floors being off level and slanting. Other challenges included the tight urban access and lack of laydown area the we addressed through daily delivery coordination and construction phasing.

The most notable aspect to the design and construction was the preservation and inclusion of the mural on the original building. Much of the mural can still be seen on the exterior while the other half remained untouched for the new interior wall of the addition.

The Midwife Center for Birth & Women’s Health Center’s mission is to promote wellness by providing exceptional, client-centered primary gynecological, pregnancy and birthing care in southwestern Pennsylvania’s only independent birth center.


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