University of Pittsburgh – Chevron Science Center

The renovation was part of a multi-phase project to upgrade the University of Pittsburgh’s Chevron Science Center. Construction began in early January 2008 on the fourth floor and included the complete demolition and reconstruction of instructional chemistry lab space. This 8,677 square foot renovation included five new lab modules receiving new fumehoods, teaching hood, casewook, ceiling, walls, doors finishes and support teaching technology. Also included throughout the space:

Installing new casework
Asbestos abatement
Installing ADA bathrooms
Installing MEP system upgrades
Upgrade to State-of-the-Art lab equipment

Supporting the lab modules on the 4th floor is a recitation room, instrumentation room, supply room, solvent storage room and a new IDF room in existing chase.
Similar demolition and renovations began in May of 2008 in the research lab space on the 14th floor.

The chemistry research lab renovation included:
Eight lab spaces constructed in an “open environment” where there isn’t any physical separation between the labs – the entire space is comprised of two open areas that has student seating in the middle of the two spaces.
There are four labs (equally sized) on either side of the student seating. This work included the complete demolition of the floor and construction of new lab space that included new fumehoods, lab casework, support space (four offices, conference room and small kitchen/break area) as well as a new compressor sized to feed compressed air to this floor and future labs on other floors.

Overall construction included approximately 18,867 square feet of lab space in this science building.

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