Safety Above All

SAFETY ABOVE ALL is our No. 1 core value.


It is engrained into the fabric of our culture. Safety is an absolutely uncompromised focus of our strategic management plan with continual efforts for improvement. We are always eager to find innovative ways to keep our projects and people safe.

Massaro Makes Safety First by:

      • Weekly safety visits to every jobsite by the safety director and/or our 12-person safety committee
      • Weekly inspections and safety review at toolbox meetings, job progress meetings, and management meetings
      • Expecting individual accountability
      • Empowering the superintendent on each job to discipline safety issues and reward excellent safety behavior
      • Correcting safety deficiencies immediately
      • Participation in the OSHA Partnering Program
      • ICRA Safety Training
      • Sponsoring proactive training programs

Zero Recordables

Our annual goal is to achieve zero recordables. We want everyone on our sites to go home each day the same way they arrived. We know this goal is ambitious, but we’re an ambitious company. And we believe there is no room for anything less than total safety when it comes to our jobs.

Rewarding Safety

To ensure that safety is always top of mind, Massaro has a safety incentive program based on hours worked without a recordable injury. The incentive program encourages everyone to take responsibility for safety on a daily basis.


Massaro treats each of our subcontractors as part of our workforce, and we expect them to follow the standards we set. To ensure that all subcontractors fully understand our safety procedures and adhere to OSHA standards, we developed an in-depth screening process for all potential subcontractors as part of the subcontractor prequalification process.

Experience Modification Rate

EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is the construction industry standard for safety. An EMR over 1 is unacceptable according to OSHA standards. Massaro’s 2015 EMR is 0.681 and we have never had an EMR over 1 in our history.