Subcontractor Relations

Partnering with Subcontractors

We rely on subcontractors to perform the majority of our work. Our success depends greatly on the relationships we’ve established with them over the years. Effective collaboration, communication and the management of each subcontractor plays a critical role in creating a safe worksite, while delivering quality projects on schedule and within budget.  We respect our subcontractors as partners – we pay them promptly and treat them fairly. We have developed relationships with many subcontractors and we take great pride in getting to know them, their skill level and integrity so that we may provide the best team for your project.  We consider our subs an extension of our workforce and they understand expectations and standards set by Massaro.  To create this type of partnership, we prequalify every subcontractor hired, and we perform a subcontractor report card at the end of each project.

Subcontractor Prequalification Process

Massaro compiles a potential bidders list based on our knowledge and experience with the local subcontracting community combined with our regional and national prequalified subcontractors.  As part of prequalification, Massaro checks references of past and current projects, safety history and EMR, financial status, insurance coverage limits and bonding program, as well as the firm’s current workload.  After the prospective bidders’ list has been developed by Massaro and reviewed by the owner and architect, potential bidders are contacted.  The benefit of a prequalified bidders’ list is for our customers to know Massaro compiled financially sound contractors with experience, capabilities and the resources necessary for the type and size project.

Subcontractor Report Card

We strive to provide opportunities for us and the people we work with to improve

We strive to provide opportunities for us and the people we work with to improve

In our quest to achieve performance excellence, Massaro has created and implemented a subcontractor report card program.  At the completion of every project we undertake, the project team will evaluate each subcontractor on safety, schedule and pull planning, quality, project administration, and closeout. We also provide every subcontractor with the opportunity to complete an anonymous survey expressing how he or she felt Massaro Corporation performed on the job. Through honest evaluation and open dialogue, we strive to provide opportunities for us and the people we work with to improve and to provide our customers with a high-quality and enjoyable construction experience. We use this information to help local subcontractors be the best that they can be.

If you are a representative of a subcontracting firm interested in doing business with Massaro Corporation, you can access our prequalification form by contacting Chris Bolla at 412.963.2800 x 204.